Monday, 23 May 2011


I'm an Italian music and video maker, a visual/web designer and a photographer.
Just occasionally, I'm also working as engineer.
As a boy, between the age of 14-15, I worked as a seasonal waiter to get enough money to buy an acoustic guitar, and quit soon the job once I had it.
I spent my green years traveling around Europe, living for some months in Sweden, Germany, Netherlands.
In 1984, at the age of 24, I teamed up with Marco Bruno, founding DeVoice. Marco was coming from a band experience with Hyra (formerly Hydra), which became later Via Verdi (for several weeks in 1985 on the Italian Top Charts, with the hit “Diamond”). But Marco left Italy to live in Canada, and the DeVoice experience ended soon.
Some years later I restarted my studies in Engineering (the main reason was to make my parents happy).
However, my curiosity moved me toward differents interests: photography, web, writing, music.
In 2009 I finally decided to publish all my music production (which I kept until that moment on my Mac) and give it out to the web.

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