Saturday, 4 September 2010

MySpace Review

MySpace is extremely popular and receives a lot of traffic, but is not for the serious blogger.
The advantages to MySpace include the ability to upload and share video, audio and image files as well as a blog. But blogging is not the main business of MySpace, MySpace’s central focus is social networking.
One of the problems we have with MySpace in terms of blogging, is not many people would want to send their business associates or family to a site that displays the kind of material MySpace users post. MySpace does give you a link to your blog, so you could send your direct link to someone, but if they had to search for your blog it is nearly impossible to find. For example, in order to find work–friendly blogs, we tried to find blogs on cars and dogs; we were given a list of blogs that had more to do with sex than cars or dogs.
If your primary interest is social networking and non–professional blogging, then MySpace will work for you, otherwise try WordPress or Blogspot.

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